Victory Day: 3 Countries Commemorate

Delegations from Russia and China, North Korea’s key allies withinside the Korean War, celebrate North Korea’s “Victory Day” in the war that took place 70 years ago. During the event, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was given a tour of a defense exposition by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. At a state reception, North Korean Defense Minister Kang Sun Nam expressed support for Russia’s actions in Ukraine, while Shoigu praised the Korean People’s Army as the “strongest army in the world. The presence of Chinese and Russian delegations underscores the importance North Korea attaches to its relationships with both countries.

Ukraine Alignment:

China, Russia, and North Korea have aligned over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. China has been supportive of Russia’s actions, while North Korea has reportedly sold rockets and artillery shells to Russia for use in Ukraine. The 3 authoritarian nuclear powers are placing up a united the front over the Ukraine conflict, deepening their relationship amidst Western powers’ sanctions and support for Ukraine.

Korean War Commemoration:

The gathering in Pyongyang commemorated the 70th anniversary of the end of The Korean War, one of the first global conflicts of the Cold War era. China and the Soviet Union (Russia’s predecessor) supported North Korea during the war, which ended in a stalemate.The armistice become signed in 1953, however a real peace deal has by no means been reached. North Korea, Russia, and China have remained close allies since the war.

Military Drills:

Russian and Chinese militaries have been conducting joint exercises, including naval and air drills, off the Korean Peninsula. The exercises aim to strengthen their capabilities in safeguarding regional peace and responding to security challenges. Meanwhile, South Korea and the US have also been conducting military displays in the region.


The joint commemoration of “Victory Day” by China, Russia, and North Korea highlights their strong relationships and shared interests. The alignment of these authoritarian nuclear powers over the conflict in Ukraine adds to concerns about stability and security in the region. As North Korea showcases its latest weaponry during the celebrations, the international community continues to closely monitor the situation on the Korean Peninsula and its broader implications for global security.