Miss Universe Ends Partnership with Indonesian Organizer

The Miss Universe Organization has announced the termination of its collaboration with its Indonesian franchisee and the cancellation of the Malaysia pageant for this year. The choice comes withinside the wake of allegations of sexual harassment made with the aid of using contestants towards neighborhood organizers. The Miss Universe Organization, based in the US, cited brand standards and ethical considerations as the reasons for cutting ties.

Allegations and Response

Six contestants from Miss Universe Indonesia filed formal complaints with the police, alleging sexual harassment by organizers. They claim to have been subject to intrusive “body checks,” sparking an investigation. The Indonesian franchisee, PT Capella Swastika Karya, and its national director, Poppy Capella, were involve in the organizing process.

Miss Universe Organization’s Decision

In response to the allegations, the Miss Universe Organization released an email statement explaining That It emerge as finishing its settlement with PT Capella Swastika Karya and Poppy Capella. The organization expressed its commitment to maintaining safe and ethical standards for its contestants, emphasizing that providing a secure environment for women was of paramount importance.

Investigation and Organizers’ Stance

The Jakarta police are conducting an investigation into the allegations. Poppy Capella took to Instagram to deny any involvement or knowledge of the reported sexual harassment. She underscored her disapproval of sexual harassment and maintained her innocence in the matter.

Impact and Future Measures

The Jakarta contest serve as a platform to select Indonesia’s representative for the approaching Miss Universe opposition schedule to be held in El Salvador later this year. The Organization stated that it became reassessing its guidelines and approaches to save you comparable incidents from taking place withinside the future. They additionally clarified that there aren’t any dimension or frame size necessities to take part of their pageants worldwide.


The Miss Universe Organization’s decision to sever ties with the Indonesian franchisee highlights the significance of upholding ethical standards and ensuring the safety of participants in such competitions. The allegations of sexual harassment underscore the importance of maintaining a safe and respectful environment for all contestants, fostering an atmosphere that aligns with their brand’s values.