Beijing Experiences Heaviest Rainfall in 140 Years

Severe flooding in Beijing resulted from the heaviest rainfall in one hundred forty years, as remnants of Typhoon Doksuri hit the region. Simultaneously, Typhoon Khanun struck Japan’s Okinawa islands with winds equal to a Category four Atlantic hurricane. The two natural disasters caused widespread damage, evacuations, and power outages in the affected areas.

Heavy Rainfall in Beijing and Typhoon Khanun in Okinawa:

Beijing experienced 744.8 millimeters (It is around 29 inches) of rain from Saturday to Wednesday morning, breaking records due to the fact 1883. Meanwhile, Typhoon Khanun brought winds of 220 kilometers per hour (It is around 137 mph) to Okinawa, leading to evacuations and power outages for more than 600,000 residents.

Khanun’s Impact and Forecasts:

Typhoon Khanun is forecasted to stall withinside the East China Sea and likely flip closer to Japan’s northern Ryukyu Islands. While the hurricane weakens, its outer bands also can moreover supply heavy rainfall and sturdy winds to China’s Zhejiang province and the coast near Shanghai.

Impact and Casualties:

The flooding in Beijing resulted in 12 deaths and 12 others reported missing. More than 127,000 humans had been evacuated from the city. In Hebei province, surrounding Beijing, nine deaths were reported, and more than 300 people were stranded in a residential building. The disaster caused extensive damage and affected a significant number of people in the region.

Response and Recovery Efforts:

Chinese chief Xi Jinping referred to as for thorough are searching out and rescue efforts, minimizing casualties, and restoring ordinary living situations as short as possible. Efforts are underway to address the aftermath of the disasters and assist those affected.


Beijing’s heaviest rainfall in over a century and Typhoon Khanun’s impact on Okinawa have brought widespread destruction and challenges to the regions. Authorities are working to address the emergencies and provide relief to affected communities.